The JAFA Group provides counseling sessions for individuals and also for employees within organizations.

Are you new to counseling? Or have you tried counseling in the past with limited results? Does the thought of visiting a counselor rank right up there with sitting through a root canal? The JAFA Group – with decades of experience in personal counseling – understands the importance of your decision to seek professional help. Whether it’s issues with self-esteem, goal setting, depression, anxiety, addiction or anything else, we are here to help you resolve your concerns, create solutions and move forward with your life. The JAFA Group is committed to helping you reduce stress, not add to it. Contact us for a consultation to see how we can help.

With organizations, oftentimes there are specific concerns which arise within the employee population. These can include everything from drug and alcohol abuse to self-esteem to low motivation to anger issues. Areas of concern might not be limited to employees. Management executives also might need to work through various issues affecting their performances within the company. The JAFA Group provides a range of counseling services for all levels of employees and management within the structure of your organization.

Is counseling important?
People often attempt to escape, avoid or ignore their problems. When it begins to feel like ‘there’s no way out,’ counseling can provide creative options. The JAFA Group views counseling as providing a positive, fresh approach to life for the individual. For an organization, it can greatly contribute to a renewed workplace atmosphere and increased productivity for the bottom line.

Who needs counseling?
Life works through cycles and has its ups and downs. Most of us get caught in downward cycles at various points in our existence. Counseling helps us restore balance and create positive new cycles. Sharing problems with friends and taking their advice is not counseling. In fact, it often serves to keep us in the downward cycles. Some common reasons to seek counseling include: depression, dissatisfying personal relationships, fear, family conflict and anxiety.

How does counseling help?
Counseling helps most people take steps which empower them to:
Identify what the issue is, as oftentimes the inability to see the problem is a major part of the problem.
Reduce discomfort and eliminate the ‘charge’ around the issue.
Uncover important aspects of their inner personality wherein they might find the solution.
Evaluate what can be changed, what cannot be changed, and what needs to be changed.
Discover new creative ways to resolve the issue.
Emphasize and form meaningful and supportive relationships in their lives.

What can I expect from my counselor?
Expect an understanding, compassionate and caring person who is also a capable, well-trained professional. The JAFA Group’s counselors work with you in defining your problems, finding ways to ‘work through’ barriers to solutions, and providing clinical feedback, direction and encouragement.

How long does counseling take?
Anticipate three to five sessions. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need more or less time. We use brief therapy with employees.

What if I’ve tried counseling before?
Many people enter counseling at different times in their lives for different needs. In those cases where counseling has not helped, working with a new therapist may provide a clearer picture of what the issue is. Also, with time, clients change and mature and become more ready to ‘get down to business.’

How do I know what I need?
Step 1 – The JAFA Group assesses the problem and provides recommendations for treatment or referral.
Step 2 – We implement the course of treatment. In this phase, patients experience general improvement not only in the employment area of their lives, but in themselves and their family relationships.
Step 3 – We assess the improvements made and make any modifications to our mutual approach, as necessary.