Developmental Coaching

What is developmental coaching and how can it make a significant contribution to my company?

Developmental coaching is the art of employing adaptive strategies to move individuals, groups and organizations in a productive direction. Specifically, developmental coaching targets areas of resistance, unfocused behavior and inertia in order to transform weaknesses into strengths. A developmental coach works by asking penetrating questions that provoke meaningful insights. A developmental coach challenges existing assumptions and obstructive beliefs. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals, groups and organizations in making the most intelligent choices for both short and long term growth.

The Process:
The JAFA Group assesses individual thinking and actions which may be counterproductive to maintaining an effective team approach and the achievement of goals. At this point, the teaching begins.

How it Works:
Goals and challenges are identified by the company. The JAFA Group then creates specific workshops designed to address the unique needs of your organization. After the various workshops, personnel work individually with a developmental coach to ensure that the learning process continues.

Dedicated employees who recognize underlying motivations, divergent viewpoints and the value of human relations in your business setting. A successful organization commits to helping their employees develop to their highest potential. Likewise, effective and productive employees are crucial to meeting your organizational goals and objectives.

Isn’t it time to distinguish your organization from the crowd? When you’re ready to commit to new levels of achievement, successful accomplishment of goals, and a “new skills” approach to growth, The JAFA Group can show you how!