The Valley Experience

There is one thing in life that is guaranteed, we all experience peaks and valleys. We will all face trials and tribulations in life. If by some chance, you have not gone through valley experiences, keep living and start preparing yourself for how you will deal with the valleys when they do come.
There are times when the enemy strikes and we find ourselves falling from a mountain top to suffering painful experiences. Unfortunately, we are unable to live our entire life on the mountain top. Life is not about you being happy each day, but rather, it is about your response to the valley experiences. Your response determines to some extent the outcome.

Let’s look at the meaning behind valley experiences.
1. Valley experiences will show up in unexpected times. No one is excluded and they do not discriminate based on class status.
2. Valley experiences are unpredictable.
3. Valley experiences are not “wished away.” You must work through them.
4. Life lessons can be learned from personal valley experiences.
5. Valley experiences can last for minutes, months, or even years.
6. Valleys are capable of training and shaping you.
7. Personal growth comes from your response to the valley experience.
8. Valley experiences have purpose.
9. We learn in and through the valley experience.
10. We learn about God in valley experiences.

Most importantly you learn about yourself and how you cope with challenges. Are you one who folds under pressure? Do you need medication to get through a bad day? Are you suicidal when things are not going your way?

You don’t always get a say in the things that happen to you, however, you are the one who makes the choice about how you handle a valley experience.

Many of my older blogs talk about finding a group to surround yourself with of people who will be honest with you and help you walk through some of your most troubling times. The people you surround yourself with can often make or break you.

You also want to find and focus on topics that promote self-growth and find ways to work on your self-esteem and your faith. Prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise and so many other activities are healthy for you. Avoid drugs and alcohol, these will solve nothing and will only drag you down further.

Start working on your Valley Experience(s) game-plan today!

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