Things Aren’t Right!

How many of you are dealing with discouragement? In other words, things aren’t right in your life. You may not be sure of why things aren’t right, but you do experience the negative chatter in your head reminding you of your limitations.
•You can’t lose weight because you love sugar.
•You will never get a promotion at your job because your boss doesn’t like you.
•Stop trying because you have been a failure most of your life.

Many people try to co-exist with self-defeating thoughts and never find an escape route. There is an escape, but are you willing to try something new? Will you stick with it long enough to give success a chance?

Some people are programmed by unproductive habits that block them from getting a breakthrough. An “I don’t care” attitude can actually destroy your progress and success. Possibly one of the biggest obstacles we face is giving only a 2% effort for changes in our life rather than putting in a 100% effort and including a heavy dose of self-discipline.

Think about this for a minute, you can make things right if you focus on your vision of success and shift to a productive mindset. All it takes is a serious shift from “stinking thinking” to a “results oriented” thinking. This shift can take seconds, minutes or it could even take years in therapy if you refuse to change.

You must decide if you want to move forward, stay in neutral or possibly even go in reverse! Imagine you are stuck in quicksand and you have been given a vine to pull yourself out but the vine has thorns on it. You’re afraid of the pain from the thorns that you will experience in your hands. Avoiding a savior because you’re worried about a few pricks is not wise thinking. Life is full of pricks, some small and some large. You will probably end up with some scars from some of these pricks.

It is up to you to make things right in your own life. I suggest you grab the vine, and pull yourself out of the quicksand. Be thankful you had a way out!

If you take charge of your life and stop all the excuses and complaining, you can navigate yourself into positive thinking and move forward. Discouragement is not a life sentence. It comes down to realizing that pain is as much of a part of life as happiness. Setbacks will always come into your life but you must decide how to respond and what to fuel in that response.

I believe in fueling the positive because if you focus on the negative you can easily stay in the same place indefinitely. Start outlining your new game plan today!!

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